Wednesday, 30 January 2008

the beginning

Worthers origonal packets laced the floor with broken cheesy puffs and dirty clothes. The stench of old shoes and smoke filled the air, the window remained open and there was peach smelling air freshener but to no success the room still smelt horrid. An empty cup that once contained tea sat next to her as she wrote down things of no consequence and no real use. She listened to Tom Waits who sung about how he didn't want to grow up. She could understand, memories of wanting to be taken away by peter pan to neverland when she was younger popped into her head when hearing his gravelly voice spit out those words.

The day wasn't special or different, she was going to visit the Anglican Cathedral that afternoon with her red haired irish mistress, maybe they could catch the organist playing and sit there listening to him in silence. Then maybe a beer, it seemed aproppriate to sit out side and have a beer as the sky was blue today. Who cared if the air was chilly, it was a blue sky and had been for a week, it was a time to celebrate until the rain comes and ruins their fun.

She was looking round her room trying to see what needed to be changed the pillows needed covers, the room needed a DVD player, things had been broken or runined and needed to be replaced before it was too late and she forgot forever. It was a time of reflection in her life, when she realised the only way to make things better for yourself is to actually make them better. This would be her semester task. No fucking up like last semester. Things could be balanced if you just make the effort to make them balanced...

She glanced down at the empty cup and sighed. She would have to buy more milk, giving her friends the pint she had wasn't the cleverist idea, but milk wasn't expensive so she would make a fuss. She wanted to see her lover. She wanted to see her home. But she was in love with Liverpool, a place of so many interesting little things, full of thriving wonder and beauty, people were friendly and the atmosphere was fresh. She loved her Liverpool very much.

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Dye Studio said...

Glad the sun was shining and the room was smelly.
You are now linked to the Dye Studio Blog, so you may have visitors, think peach air freshner isn't heavy duty enough

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